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G.Rossini Guillaume Tell

Victorian Opera

 *****Time Out

"Rodula Gaitanou directs in a way that is paradoxically restrained and bold, an attitude that filters into every aspect of the production. It’s a tricky balancing act, executed with great skill. [...]
Gaitanou and Mills have tapped into the work’s magnetic power, and unleashed something truly resonant. "


**** Limelight magazine

"an outstanding achievement"

Theatre Press

"What will remain with me, however, is the large ensemble and its wonderful cohesion and power conveyed which was at times breathtaking. It is certainly an achievement by Director Rodula Gaitanou to maintain dramatic impact with such a vast cast."

Set and Lighting design: Simon Corder

Costume design: Esther Marie Hayes

Assistant Director: Meg Deyell

Conductor : Richard Mills


Guillaume Tell : Armando Noguera
Arnold Melcthal : Carlos E. Bárcenas

Mathilde : Gisela Stille

Jemmy : Alexandra Flood

Hedwige : Liane Keegan

Melcthal : Teddy Tahu Rhodes

Gesler : Paolo Pecchioli
Walter : Furst Jeremy Kleeman
Rodolphe : Paul Biencourt
Ruodi : Timothy Reynolds
Leuthold : Jerzy Kozlowski


Victoria Opera Chorus

Orchestra Victoria


performances 14,17,19 July 2018

Palais Theatre, Melbourne

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