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F. Leoni L'oracolo

Verismo double bill - Wexford Festival Opera 

****The Stage
"an hour of murder and mayhem"
"Rodula Gaitanou’s staging of two forgotten verismo pieces packs plenty of punch"

****The Times
"We began with a frenetic Italian double bill featuring suicidal prostitutes, psychopathic opium addicts, child kidnap and a truly visceral murder that left the audience somewhere between shocked gasps and self-protective giggles."

"punchily staged by Rodula Gaitanou"

"Bloody and marvellous"
"The street scenes with the Chinese New Year parade of the dragon were fantastic, as were the chattering children and the excellent festival chorus."


Set and Costume design: Cordelia Chisholm
Lighting design: Paul Hackenmueller
Movement direction: Rebecca Meltzer


Conductor: Francesco Cilluffo

Chorus Master: Erol Girdlestone

Cim-Fen: Joo Won Kang
Uin-Sci: Leon Kim

San-Lui : Sergio Escobar
Ah-Joe: Elisabetta Farris
Hu-Tsin: Benjamin Cho
Hua-Qui: Louise Innes

Hoo- Chi: Cillian McCamley

Wexford Festival Chorus and children chorus

Wexford Festival Orchestra

performances 19,25,28,31 October and 3 November in Wexford, Ireland.

pictures: Clive Barda

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