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G.Verdi Un Ballo in Maschera

Opera Holland Park


" This is a director who understands how to use three dimensions, how to energise characters, how to create convincing stage logic from improbable situations and how to guide the eye of her audience through a busy expanse of space"

"None of these things happen by chance... They require an eye that’s steeped in operatic stagecraft..."

*****The Independent

"Rodula Gaitanou's production is a winner"

*****Culture Whisper

"There are treats in this production whichever way you turn."

****The Guardian

"Ingenious staging"

****The Times

"Fortitude and finess"

****The Arts Desk

"Rodula Gaitanou’s thoughtful new production for Opera Holland Park treads a delicate line between heart and horror, keeping its feet even as the story and its protagonists start their dizzy whirl into the climactic final dance-to-the-death."


Seen and Heard International

"Gaitanou’s thought-provoking insights will withstand many a viewing, revealing layer upon layer of depth."

Opera Today

" A superb Un Ballo in Maschera at Opera Holland Park"

****classical source

"Ballo needs committed theatricality and Rodula Gaitanou’s staging in takis’s effective and flexible designs certainly provides this."

Set and Costume design takis

Lighting design Simon Corder

Choreography Steve Elias

Fight direction Bret Yount

Assistant director: Rebecca Meltzer


Conductor Matthew Kofi Waldren

Chorus Master Richard Haker

Gustavo Matteo Lippi
Amelia Anne Sophie Duprels
Anckarström George von Bergen
Oscar Alison Langer
Madame Arvidson Rosalind Plowright
Ribbing Benjamin Bevan
Horn John Savournin
Cristiano Ross Ramgobin
Servant Mike Bradley
Un Giudice Ian Massa-Harris


Opera Holland Park chorus 

City of London Sinfonia

photos by Ali Wright, Simon Corder and Bill Knight


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