Gioachino Rossini La Cenerentola

Greek National Opera 


Conductor George Petrou / Konstantinos Diminakis


Angelina : Mary - Ellen Nesi, Irini Karaianni, Artemis Bogri

Ramiro : Antony Koroneos, Vassilis Kavayias

Dandini : David Menendez, Haris Andrianos

Magnifico : Carlos Esquivel, Dimitris Kasioumis

Alidoro : Petros Magoulas, Tassos Apostolou

Clorinda : Gogo Iliopoulou, Elpiniki Zervou, Myrsini Margariti

Tisbe : Eleni Voudouraki, Angelica Kathariou, Eleni Davou


Chorus of the Greek National Opera

Chorus Master : Agathagelos Georgakatos


25,26,30 October 2013

1,2,3,10,13 November 2013

Greek National Opera, Olympia Theatre, Athens, Greece

Set and Lighting: Simon Corder

Costumes: Alexia Theodoraki


photos by


Efimerida ton Syntakton

Yiannis Svolos


"It was the best Rossini the Greek National Opera has ever produced" 


Nikos Vatopoulos


“I had the feeling that I was watching a show that would be left in the memory as a classic. Classic in the sense of a rare euphoria that flowed from the stage and the orchestra to the stalls, and climbed up to the balconies. Euphoria happens when performers have believed and have come to love what they do.  Cenerentola is a triumph, not only artistic but intellectual as well. The director Rodula Gaitanou gave us a production full of thoughtful and emotional pleasure. Nobody could find a flaw in this well refined world, presenting Cenerentola in the 1930s. ” 

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Cenerentola - Greek National Opera